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Matt Lloyd

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~ Jonathan Budd ~


My experience with Matt Lloyd…simply put, phenomenal.

It’s simply put, converts better and as good as the greatest ones that have ever existed in the industry of online network marketing and marketing.

So, let me quickly just get into it…Essentially what you’ve probably figured out by now is that the whole name of the game is traffic and conversions and when you are getting started on the internet or when you are making any money on the internet, obviously you need traffic and obviously that traffic needs to convert.

Problem that most people experience is that there is an awfully long learning curve to get to the point where you are really very good, number one, at conversions and number two, you’ve developed a wide enough product line so that you can actually make a lot of money from the traffic that you are sending to any of your offers.

And so, this is where Matt really comes in helping people do a phenomenal job to get started right now having a whole suite of crazy products ranging from anywhere from the low ticket all the way to the super high ticket which, hopefully, by now you know is where you are going to make the bulk of your money.

So, that’s first things first which you need to know and I’ll just get right to showing you what my experience has been.

So, as you can see here I have sent Matt a grand total, this is my link tracking stat section in the affiliate back office that you will have when you are a partner of his and I have sent 186 clicks here about 900 there, about 1,300 there and about 850 there.

Total amount of clicks pretty much comes out to be about 3,000 give or take, about 3,100, 3,200.So that’s how much actual clicks traffic that I’ve sent Matt’s offers, okay? And here is my ledger for how much money much essentially I have made. Read more…


$11,000 in 24 hours with My Top Tier Business

Carolina Millan Shares

I had my first $11,000 day. Yes, $11,000 in one day.

How did it happen? I am going to explain it all with my whiteboard to you.

It has been a really amazing experience, guys, just unbelievable.If you have been considering this business this will probably show you the bigger picture and why you should get involved.So, how did this happen?

It was 4:00 AM or something and, as you can see, I took the screen shot from Facebook.

I had a Facebook conversation with Matt Lloyd and as you can see he was telling me, “Carolina, you just made $3,000 with my top tier business.”I was impressed, okay? I was “Wow! Are you serious? Is this for real?”

“Yes, it’s for real,” and I could not believe it. And I was like, wow! This is good news to go to bed with.So, I go to sleep and 30 minutes later Matt is like, “Carolina, are you there? Are you still there? Believe me, you want to hear this.”

I was sleeping. It was 5:00 AM or something. I wake up the next day 12:00 PM or so and I tell Matt. “Yes, I was sleeping. What happened?” And he is like, “Carolina you just made another $8,000 commission.”

Wow! Are you kidding me? Is this for real? You are my hero.

I will tell you why Matt is my hero in just a moment.So, how did I make these commissions? They were 100% residual. I am going to show you exactly how it happened. And not only were they residual, I didn’t have to do anything, like absolutely anything. Okay. Let me show you exactly what happened. Read more…

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$1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 Commissions Into Your Bank Account